Azerbaijani army liberates 13 more occupied villages

The Azerbaijani army liberated another 13 villages from Armenia's nearly three-decade-long occupation, the country's president said on Wednesday

Pakistani PM for 'collective strategy' on Islamophobia

The Pakistani prime minister on Wednesday urged Muslim countries to adopt a "collective" strategy to contain the rising tide of Islamophobia in the world

Erdogan rebukes insults against Muslim prophet

Turkey's president on Wednesday once again assailed recent insulting remarks against Islam and the Muslim Prophet Muhammad

Charlie Hebdo faces Turkish probe over insulting president

French magazine Charlie Hebdo is facing possible charges in Turkey over insulting the Turkish president, prosecutors in the capital Ankara announced Wednesday

Turkey condemns French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Turkey blasted the French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo on Tuesday for publishing “loathsome so-called caricatures” purportedly of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Patriarch of Jerusalem slams French anti-Islam remarks

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, Chairman of the Council of Heads of Churches of the Holy Land, has condemned the sequence of events, which starts with the French insults against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad

Ambulance patient died in Port Wakefield Road crash because paramedic fell asleep, jury told

A South Australian paramedic accused of causing the death of a patient he was transporting to hospital fell asleep at the wheel of the ambulance, causing the vehicle to roll, a jury has heard

Fresh warnings for NSW, Queensland residents as storms bring 'immediate threat'

Large parts of NSW are being pummelled by heavy hail and thunderstorms with meteorologists warning the severe weather descending on the state has the potential to be "very dangerous"

Centrelink to resume debt recovery program after coronavirus freeze

Centrelink's debt recovery program is set to resume on Monday after it was put on hold for seven months due to the coronavirus

NSW issues health alert for Sydney venues after new COVID-19 confirmed case

NSW Health has issued an alert for several venues across Sydney after an individual tested positive to coronavirus

Melbourne woman, 20, collapses and dies 'trying to get fresh air'

Rain causing pollen fibres to rupture into tiny pieces is increasing the risk for people with respiratory problems to suffer from potentially deadly thunderstorm asthma

Girl with autism handcuffed by police after meltdown at school is 'falling through the cracks'

Young children are being handcuffed, strapped down in hospital beds and knocked out with powerful sedatives, as autism advocates cry out for better mental health support services in NSW

Australia might be out of recession - but there's more pain to come

"Possibly the drag from Victoria was a little less than what we'd guessed back in August"

Explosion hits Iskenderun town in southern Turkey

Ambulances and police squads were dispatched to the Iskenderun district of Turkey's southern Hatay province after an explosion shook the town center

Muslim rights group 'no longer feels safe in France'

A French Muslim human rights group on Monday announced plans to expand its activities outside the country amid concerns for its safety and recent controversial statements by officials on Islam

Mosque explosion kills 7 in Pakistan

At least seven students were killed and 98 others wounded on Tuesday in an explosion at a seminary attached to a mosque in northwestern Pakistan

Warning over wheat bags after elderly woman dies in fire

A Hobart coroner has recommended people who own wheat packs without instructions immediately stop using them after an elderly woman died in an accidental house fire.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights commissioner to investigate Ambulance Victoria harassment allegations

The Victorian equal opportunity and human rights (VEOHR) commissioner will conduct an independent investigation into allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment within Ambulance Victoria.

Victoria's coronavirus restrictions have changed to allow more visits to friends and family at home

Victoria's new household visiting rules seem simple enough — but like most things in 2020, there's a few complications to work through

Tasmania to open to travellers from NSW as of Friday November 6

Tasmania will open its borders to New South Wales from Friday next week, meaning the state will be closed only to Victorians