Azerbaijani army liberates 13 more occupied villages

The Azerbaijani army liberated another 13 villages from Armenia's nearly three-decade-long occupation, the country's president said on Wednesday

Pakistani PM for 'collective strategy' on Islamophobia

The Pakistani prime minister on Wednesday urged Muslim countries to adopt a "collective" strategy to contain the rising tide of Islamophobia in the world

Erdogan rebukes insults against Muslim prophet

Turkey's president on Wednesday once again assailed recent insulting remarks against Islam and the Muslim Prophet Muhammad

Charlie Hebdo faces Turkish probe over insulting president

French magazine Charlie Hebdo is facing possible charges in Turkey over insulting the Turkish president, prosecutors in the capital Ankara announced Wednesday

Turkey condemns French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Turkey blasted the French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo on Tuesday for publishing “loathsome so-called caricatures” purportedly of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Patriarch of Jerusalem slams French anti-Islam remarks

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, Chairman of the Council of Heads of Churches of the Holy Land, has condemned the sequence of events, which starts with the French insults against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad

Explosion hits Iskenderun town in southern Turkey

Ambulances and police squads were dispatched to the Iskenderun district of Turkey's southern Hatay province after an explosion shook the town center

Muslim rights group 'no longer feels safe in France'

A French Muslim human rights group on Monday announced plans to expand its activities outside the country amid concerns for its safety and recent controversial statements by officials on Islam

Mosque explosion kills 7 in Pakistan

At least seven students were killed and 98 others wounded on Tuesday in an explosion at a seminary attached to a mosque in northwestern Pakistan

'Armenia broke cease-fire just after it started'

Though Azerbaijan agreed to a fresh humanitarian cease-fire to exchange prisoners and bodies, Armenian forces broke the truce only minutes after it was supposed to take effect, the Azerbaijani leader said

Turkish president calls for boycott of French products

In an escalation of the row between France and Turkey over Paris tolerating and encouraging Islamophobia, Turkey’s president on Monday called for a sweeping public boycott of French-made goods

France urges Arab countries to stop boycott calls

France on Sunday urged Arab countries to stop calls for boycott of French products

Armenia violates fresh cease-fire with Azerbaijan

The Armenian army violated a new temporary humanitarian cease-fire with Azerbaijan just after it went into effect on Monday

Myanmar will take back Rohingya from Bangladesh: China

Myanmar has told China it is willing to take back Rohingya refugees currently living in Bangladesh, according to the Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry

France reports over 45,000 new virus cases

France on Saturday reported 45,422 new cases of the novel coronavirus, the highest single-day spike in the country, the Health Ministry said

Palestine: Al-Akhras family joins hunger strike

The family of Palestinian detainee Maher al-Akhras said Saturday they have joined him on a hunger strike until he is released

Azerbaijani military continues operations to free land

Azerbaijani army continues its military operations to liberate territories occupied for nearly 30 years by Armenian forces, the country's Defense Ministry said on Sunday

Azerbaijan: Not much room for negotiations with Armenia

Amid Armenia's aggressive rhetoric and attacks on the Upper Karabakh region, "there is not much room for negotiation," Azerbaijan's president has said in an interview

Erdogan: Europe preparing its own end amid Islamophobia

The president of Turkey warned on Saturday that Europe was preparing its own end amid rising Islamophobia across the continent

Azerbaijan shoots down Armenian warplane

Azerbaijan shot down an Armenian warplane on Saturday, the country’s Defense Ministry said