Iran’s latest protests remind of ongoing uprising for regime change

The latest episodes of protests in Abdanan, western Iran, and other cities across the country are a reminder of how the Iranian people are determined to continue their nationwide anti-regime uprising

More heavy rain expected for New Zealand's flood-ravaged Auckland

New Zealand officials have asked residents in flood-ravaged Auckland to prepare for the onslaught of another storm as residents start a clean-up after a series of floods and landslips across New Zealand's largest city over the weekend

Iranians in different cities protest regime’s corruption, incompetence

Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 137th day on Monday as people in cities across the country protest the officials’ corrupt policies and incompetence in providing the nation’s basic necessities

Flooding in Auckland kills four, leaves 350 people in need of emergency accommodation

Flood-ravaged Auckland is expected to receive more heavy rain over the coming days, according to the city's council, even as people start to count the cost of the flash floods that have hit New Zealand's largest city since Friday

Protests continue in Iran as people remain steadfast in their uprising

Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 135th day on Saturday following a day of protests by people in many cities across the country. Locals in various cities of Sistan & Baluchestan Province took to the streets yet again on Friday

Auckland floods: Two dead, domestic airport reopens and locals grasp massive clean up

New Zealand Police have confirmed two people have been found dead in separate incidents in Wairau Valley on Auckland's North Shore after Friday's "extreme" flood event

Auckland airport flooded as torrential rain hits New Zealand's largest city

The mayor of Auckland has declared a state of emergency after torrential rain caused widespread flooding and evacuations in New Zealand's largest city

Protests continue in Iran as night rallies regain strength

Different sectors of Iran’s society are continuing to take to the streets to voice their demands as the country’s economic status remains in a nosedive crisis. Many people can’t make ends meet and are voicing their dissent specifically at regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Quran burning ‘not freedom of speech’

Allowing the burning of a copy of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, in front of Türkiye’s Embassy in Sweden is a ‘political and racist message’ directed at Muslims, said a prominent Swedish expert

""Kuwaiti government resigns amid standoff with parliament

The Kuwaiti government submitted its resignation on Monday amid a dispute with the parliament, according to local media

Wanted notice issued for California mass shooting suspect

Photos of a suspected gunman have been released after 10 people were killed and 10 more injured in a mass shooting at a ballroom dance studio in California

Iran protesters refuse to stand down as Baloch intensify their rallie

Iran’s nationwide protests are marking their 128th day following a massive demonstration in Zahedan, the capital of Sistan & Baluchestan Province in southeast Iran the day before. People in other cities, such as Rask and Khash

Iran’s uprising sees protests with new strikes by oil/gas sector

Employees and workers in Iran’s oil and gas sector launched new strikes on Tuesday in the latest continuation of Iran’s nationwide uprising that is now marking its 125th day on Wednesday. Yesterday’s protests

Iran begins 5th month of protests as Baloch rallies escalate against the regime

Iran’s nationwide uprising is entering its fifth month following day of major rallies and demonstrations against the mullahs’ regime in various cities of Sistan & Baluchestan Province, especially the provincial capital of Zahedan

Tributes flow for Lisa Marie Presley after 'devastating' death aged 54

Lisa Marie Presley has died after being rushed to hospital after a reported cardiac arrest

Iran sees protests continue with a focus on night rallies

Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 119th day on Thursday as protesters are continuing their anti-regime campaign with a focus on night rallies

Iran’s nationwide uprising on the verge of entering its fifth month

Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 117th day on Tuesday with protests continuing in various forms as people are relentlessly taking to the streets, holding gatherings in various ceremonies and turning them into anti-regime

Iran’s cities rise up in continued protests

Cities across Iran witnessed continuous protests as people took to the streets in large numbers on Sunday with rallies that continued into the night

Journalists arrested in South Sudan after video appears to show President Salva Kiir urinating on himself..Video

Six journalists with South Sudan's national broadcaster have been detained in connection with footage apparently showing the country's president urinating on himself during an event, according to union officials

Faithful mourn Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at rare funeral presided over by Pope Francis

Pope Francis joined tens of thousands of faithful in bidding farewell to Benedict XVI at a rare requiem Mass on Thursday for a dead pope presided over by a living one, ending an unprecedented decade for the Catholic Church