Iran coronavirus update: Over 227,300 deaths, regime leaving people utterly defenseless

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Iran coronavirus update: Over 227,300 deaths, regime leaving people utterly defenseless

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 227,300 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK

Reporting by PMOI/MEK
Iran, March 7, 2021—Over 227,300 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 501 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, according to reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Sunday afternoon local time, March 7. The official death toll declared by the regime stands at 60,687 around a third of the actual figure.

The coronavirus death toll in various provinces include: 53,531 in Tehran, 14,700 in Isfahan, 12,285 in Khuzestan, 9642 in Mazandaran, 9503 in Lorestan, 8513 in West Azerbaijan, 8460 in Qom, 5910 in Qom, 4623in Markazi, 3473 in North Khorasan, 2475 in Zanjan, 2465 in Hormozgan, 2336 in Ilam, 2294 in Bushehr, 1830 in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari, and 1714 in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

“All our protocols have been impacted by the new mutated virus and new variants. Tehran province was among the first centers across the country where we discovered the relativity of these new variants,” said Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran Covid-19 Task Force on Sunday. “This issue was first discovered in Tehran and we have more experience than other provinces regarding the mutated version of this virus,” he added, according to state TV.

“244 people in Khuzestan have lost their lives to coronavirus in the past 12 days. 83 of them died less than 24 hours upon entering a hospital,” said the Khuzestan governor on Sunday, according to the Fars news agency, an outlet linked to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

“Since yesterday 200 coronavirus patients in Khuzestan have been hospitalized, being the highest such figure in a 24-hour period. 56 percent of the samples evaluated are of the UK strain. In the last peak the number of new cases doubled every 17 days. However, right now this is taking place every nine days,” said the dean of Ahvaz Medical Sciences University on Sunday. “In the past 24 hours 4400 people have sought medical treatment and 2300 of them were in hospitals. The entrance of non-local vehicles and local vehicles exiting the cities of Khuzestan has been banned and only those who have non-local plates can leave red zone cities,” this official added, according to the regime's official IRNA news agency.

“If a quarantine period of at least two-weeks is not imposed in Khuzestan province, we are forecasting this peak will continue until around June 20. The death rate in this peak is concerning and we are worried more people will lose their lives,” said the deputy dean of Abadan Medical Sciences University on Sunday, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

“Currently 150 coronavirus patients are in ICUs which is 17 percent higher than nine days ago. 29 of these individuals are under ventilators and their conditions are far worse,” said the dean of West Azerbaijan Medical Sciences University on Sunday, according to the regime's official IRNA news agency.

“The increasing number of patients, especially those seeking initial medical care, indicate a new wave of this illness. The figures published in the media reflects the number of patients with positive Covid-19 tests who have been hospitalized. Therefore, this is not a full and comprehensive stat,” said the director of the Health and Treatment Network in the city of Nahavand on Sunday, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

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